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Mali Ama How The Cookie Crumbled EP


Mali Ama, an Atlanta-based R&B singer, is kicking down the door and bursting onto the music scene with her debut EP How The Cookie Crumbled. Her music draws inspiration from classic New York hip-hop and Atlanta trap. But it’s her skill in audio engineering that allows her to create a signature soundscape of her own. Sultry vocals, classic R&B beats, and surprising floating synths come together to create a captivating musical experience. In How The Cookie Crumbled, Mali explores the beginnings of romance, heartbreak, and a bounce back dripping with sass and confidence. The overall soundscape of the EP is slow R&B coupled with floating synths to create a sensual, relaxed vibe. At the last minute, she decided to have the EP told backwards. Songs like "Miss Me" and "Think Again" explores...

  • Runtime: 12 minutes, 4 songs
  • Release Date: