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Chaotik Stylz Poisonous


Chaotik Stylz collaborates with Oh No for 'The Subliminal Substance’ which will be released on 7-16-2013 Chaotik was introduced to Oh No & thru the wizardy of technology received a beat-tape from Oh No that would inspire him to start crafting the material that would eventually become The Subliminal Substance LP. The initial recording stages of the project soon thereafter lead to Chaotik holing up at Oh No’s studio in Oxnard, CA “We worked the entire time I was there, all I did was choose beats & rhyme during that trip. However, as the process played out, most of the original beats I picked during those sessions were scrapped and new ones for selected. The time I spent out there changed me as an artist & started me on the path I'm currently now on” Chaotik laments. @ChaotikKojima

  • Producer: Oh No
  • Album: The Subliminal Substance
  • Release Date: