Codebluu Hustlin Hard

  • Feat. DareRow & Del
  • Album: Hustlin Hard

If every family has a shining star, Codebluu is the young phenom of the Starvin Lion Family. With a sound that can only be described as a perfect mix of East Coast lyricism, Dirty South club music and West Coast realism, Codebluu is gradually gaining momentum in the emerging Midwest music scene. Codebluu initially developed his chops and developed his following by opening up for artists such as Mike Jones, Young Jeezy and since 2009 he has gone on to release three EP’s. In July 2014, Codebluu will be releasing his new forthcoming project, Hustlin Hard, but this time Starvin Lion and Codebluu are backed by a major (Universal Records) and today he released his new single and video for the project’s title track which features DareRow and Del.

  • Producer: BranNu
  • Album: Hustlin Hard
  • Release Date: May 29, 2014