LyricalGenes Our Mansion



Turn my headphones up, yeah Tired of all this violence Tired of stereotypes being promoted We need a spot where we can kick it A spot where we belong A place with less worries and human tension Just a day to come together for heaven on earth Pass the gates to a huge mansion Where we all get in free Is that too hard to see? A place to spend a quiet night Time to unwind feeling pressure in this lifetime It don't matter how much money that you got inside We all cry When George died Try and picture his momma's eyes It's a different struggle What's the point of humble When you don't know if this the last time I'll say, 'I love you' Adding tension and the misery in poverty You will never know the damage that we all survive Keep your composure my people Got to hold on Chin up, walking tall as we

  • Release Date: June 5, 2020