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Lvin Red The Drop Off

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Lvin Red

“The Drop Off”, is an expertly prepared buffet of sumptuous sounds, up lifting and soul inspiring vocal performances and butt kicking lyricism. Variety is no doubt the spice of life but it sparks up the life in this collection. Apart from rap being a an every present feature, the instrumentation cuts across various genre of music. Expect to journey through hard knocking kicks of trap music, a feel of saxophone jazz rhythms laden with expertly delivered rhymes, a roll on some alternative rock and the sensuality of R&B. The mixtape features guest appearances from notable and well renowned acts such as J-Town, Gemini and C-Real. Together they cooked up “I Be The Guy”, a smashing hip hop banger that is will definitely keep your head going ‘gecko’. The hustlers anthem “Jungle” is packed with vi

  • Producer: NeL Magnum, TrakZilla, Nyke Out, D. Boi, Epidemix & Tracy
  • Runtime: 46 minutes, 13 songs
  • Release Date: