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Lucien Parker State of Mind (Prod. OHMR)


Lucien Parker

While a lot of emcees choose to push some tough guy act or boast about financial success, Parker, a Minneapolis native turned Milwaukee resident, is an open book, emotionally. It’s a relatively rare — and refreshing — trait for a rapper. And he has the ability to get introspective while deftly gliding over the beat.” The emerging rapper, singer, and songwriter from the Southside of Minneapolis, recently released a vibrant new single titled “State of Mind.” From the artist- “State of Mind” Evokes a playful nostalgia, Deep colors that pull our focus inward to the small parts of ourselves that are reaching out for hands to pull them into the light. Pain and Pleasure, sex appeal and sultry, our heaven in hell...The biggest failure is not learning from our mistakes. We have to remain curious

  • Producer: OHMR
  • Release Date:

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