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Local-Mu12 Change The Channel

What would happen if you mixed Television Theme songs with a bunch of hungry artists & producers? Well, you would get a new EP of course called "CHANGE THE CHANNEL". Local-Mu12 is a collective of talented Artists & Producers from around the world, founded by Fokis in 2012. Their Debut album "LABOR DAY" was featured on XXL, Complex, TheSource, OnSmash and many other publications. Today the collective lets loose a Free EP that is conceptual and entertaining. It is a breath of fresh air, a project meant to entertain and satisfy the listener who is tired of the same old thing. The project features some of Local-Mu12' past members but also includes some new ones. Now sit back, Relax and enjoy the show.

  • Producer: Fokeezy, James Moore, Moods and Vibrations & Real McKoy
  • Runtime: 26 minutes, 14 songs
  • Release Date:


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