Cali P Hit Like Gunshot (Prod. TEKA)

  • Feat. TEKA

Caribbean-Guadeloupean -Swiss reggae artist Cali P goes hard on “Hit Like Gunshot” lyrics written while in quarantine in Gambia, West Africa during the COVID-19 pandemic. Evocative lyrics flow from a river of emotions related to the murder of George Floyd in the US city of Minneapolis by the police and the anti-racism protest movement towards change worldwide. A soul-stirring Afrobeats groove by Berlin-based producer Teka (also producer on Cali P’s Vizion) and acoustic guitar lines drive a potent brew of timely poetry exclaiming systematic racism, focusing on the root cause of the upheaval: "Slavery abolished but nottin’ demolished the schooling system support the damage." and calls out the injustice saying "there’s been too much unjust ruling" asking "Where is the justice, for those w

  • Producer: TEKA
  • Release Date: July 16, 2020