Louis Boi Chopp-A-Holics II (Deluxe Version)

Louis Boi

Chopp-A-Holics II is the sequel to Louis Boi's debut project Chopp-A-Holics released 201. Following RemixAthon! V and Fawk Ya Music EP: Prequel to B.I.G. Louis released in 2015, this is Louis Boi's 16th project since 2011. It features returning artists Bentley Green (In 2 Deep) and Yaygrr Mystah from King Louis (2013), Louis Boi's debut album alongside new artists Sayrun, Chill and Yung Baby. Louis Boi has been hailed heavy in the streets with bangers such as Allergic featuring Yaygrr Mystah and Bentley Green (In 2 Deep), Codeine In My Double featuring X-Prada and Green Lantern, 580 Anthem featuring Yaygrr Mystah, Green Lantern, Ravey Babey, 80 Stax and Bentley Green (In 2 Deep), to mellow hits such as Sex Room featuring DD. Louis Boi has been kept relevant dropping music consistent.

  • Runtime: 383 minutes, 25 songs
  • Release Date: December 7, 2015