Lord D'Andre Lord Hendrix

Lord D'Andre

Lord D'Andre isn't afraid of pushing boundaries. Coming from the small town of East Dublin, GA, Lord has recently been gaining a lot of attention, not only because of his dark, god-like aesthetic, but mostly due to his immense musical capabilities. He is one of the first [predominately] Hip-Hop artists to successfully merge good old fashioned Rock & Roll with Rap/Trap music, and he does it in such a way that the music barely fits within the confines of either genre but is still enjoyable by fans of either. Lord D'Andre's newest effort, “Lord Hendrix,” is a genre-blending musical fusion of two opposing worlds. Much more than just an album; it is an experience. Lord Hendrix features narration from the late Jimi Hendrix, and is Written, Recorded, Produced, & Arranged by Lord D'Andre himself.

  • Runtime: 27 minutes, 9 songs
  • Release Date: