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DRIIIFT, EMKR, Marnage, OUTRAGE, TBR, Trictonez & WYKO We Rise Together (#LOCA100)


“We Rise Together” is about family and the power in supporting each other in our collective endeavors. In 2020, we will be dedicated to putting our artists first and supporting the next wave of producers with tutorials and sample packs. We look forward to connecting with you all throughout the year! #LOCA100 #werisetogether Full story here:…loca-100-story For those wondering about who did what in this track, here's a quick breakdown. ALEJANDRO - Vocals OUTRAGE - Break melody & plucks DRIIIFT & EMKR - First drop TBR - Second breakdown WYKO - Second drop Trictonez - Transitions, arrangement, edits on first drop & second breakdown Marnage - Mix & Master, final details and integration of vocals.

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