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Linkz Bout That Time

'Bout That Time' is an album written and performed by Linkz about his life in a nutshell. No fabrication behind the lyrics, what you see is what you get get, and it's a guaranteed hit from many ears. 'Bout That Time' is very universal not only with it's sound, but the emotion behind it caters to every mood. You would be picking this album up to tune in whether your ready to turn up, in the slumps, just letting time go by, or in season to hear something deep. The quality of this album speaks for itself. One can tell this was not made in a week but lots of sweat, tears, excitement, sorrows, and all-in-all heart was put in to this. Stay tuned for more at

  • Producer: Keanubeats, JRtheHitMaker & and many more...
  • Runtime: 34 minutes, 8 songs
  • Release Date: