DJ NB In the Tranquil Landscape

Lil Duress

DJ NB's third Drum & Bass outing, this time taking his already established style of sample-based, dark, atmospheric, and choppy DnB tunes, but amps it up to a whole new level. The album, in contrast to TVLB and TSS, focuses on crafting melodies and inventing unique sounds rather than relying on 90s Drum & Bass samples to create a collage of sounds. Featuring production wizard Jarhead (who also handles most of the mixing), incredible singer Ab Fash, and musical odd ball BUSMAN, this album certainly will not disappoint. Mixed by DJ NB, Jarhead, and Imp. Artwork by DJ NB.

  • Producer: DJ NB
  • Runtime: 38 minutes, 9 songs
  • Release Date: February 18, 2019

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