Astral Pariah Astral Pariah Presents... The Adventures of Zaiah & Chris 2K

Lil Duress

Sacramento's finest producers DJ NB and BOOFI unite as one to bring you the genre-bending concept album of the century. The album conceptually follows the exploits of two Sacramentoans, Chris 2K and Zaiah, the latter of which is critically injured and is put under a drug-induced coma. During which, he imagines a heaven-esque space-age paradise where he and 2K enjoy the things they enjoyed on Earth, but in space; night clubs, raves, restaurants, freestyling, the works. However, winding down from the night of partying and intoxication, the duo accidentally wind up on the wrong side of the universe after passing out at the wheel. A turf battle ensues, and Chris 2K dies. Zaiah suddenly wakes from his coma and who stands in the hospital room but the gang who put him there. The leader puts his gun to Zaiah's head and pulls the trigger. Two of Sacramento's greatest producers unite to bring you a spacey and druggy tale, wrapped in a plethora of subgenres creating a vibe and sound that is uniquely them. Enjoy. In loving memory of Lil Peep. Drugs are trash. This album is purely fiction and is in no way promoting drug use.

  • Producer: Astral Pariah
  • Runtime: 34 minutes, 11 songs
  • Release Date: November 17, 2017

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