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LifeSize Teddy Pretty Girl Bop


Pretty Girl Bop is LifeSize Teddy's second single after her debut single that dropped in March 2020. "Pretty Girl Bop" is a chill feel good song for all the pretty girls wherever they are, it speaks of girls just having a good time, letting loose and just doing fun things. The lyrics appeal to fun loving females to go ahead and enjoy themselves a bit irrespective of all the restrictions the world place on them. A part of the song can be heard reiterating the need to leave all restrains from having a good time of any and every form whether it is "home training" or a controlling "boo", the song is for girls to just take some time off and just enjoy themselves. The hope is that when this song comes on at any time, girls can hear it and just enjoy it doing their fun activities.

  • Producer: Benstar
  • Release Date: