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Lex One Gold Plaque - Mixtape Sampler mixed by Haviken Hayes


Lex One

This is a snippet tape of my latest album due for release January 25th titled "Gold Plaque". Hands down this is my greatest piece of art I have ever created. Created across 2 countries, 3 states and over 10 cities over the last four years. Via this project I got to work with some of the most talented producers on this planet and share the ups and downs, belief and doubt, success and failure and every other emotion I've experienced in life after going from overnight celebrity to regular joe. I've spent countless dollars and hours out of my own pocket/watch and even set up a fund raiser and used those funds to create this project and launch the Get That Paper Son LLC record label! I am so excited and grateful for all the love and support I have gained along the way.

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