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Leigh Phillips Lockdown

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Set the mood tonight with Lockdown, the latest single by singer-songwriter Leigh Phillips from Barbados . Leigh’s seductive vocals invite you to tap into your sensual side with this passionate dancehall track, produced by Mad Mixy. Born in Grenada and raised in Barbados, Leigh’s sound blends neo-soul with Caribbean rhythmic elements. With a range of influences including Anita Baker, Buju Banton, Billie Holiday, and Alison Hinds, it is undeniable that her voice will leave an impression on your heart, long after the music stops. Her versatility is shown as you explore her catalogue from her first EP “Leigh” in 2017 to “Coconut Oil” her most popular track to date.

  • Producer: Mad Mixy
  • Album: Lockdown - Single
  • Release Date: