Nametag Alexander LABL Vol. 2 - Mixta[EP]

Following up the 2015 release of “LABL - Mixta[EP]”, Detroit MC, Nametag Alexander presents “LABL Vol.2 - Mixta[EP]”. The short format mixtape intends to be used as a, for promotional use only tool showcasing not just the lyrical prowess of Nametag, but also the growing “Lead And Be Legendary” imprint. It opens with Nametag firing off over Black Milk’s highly acclaimed “Laugh Now, Cry Later” instrumental, with the following tracks maintaining a matching energy. “LABL Vol. 2” is available now directly at, Bandcamp, Datpiff, and Audiomack. Cover art courtesy of Dub MD

  • Runtime: 19 minutes, 7 songs
  • Release Date: