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L.A. VanGogh Can't Chu Tell


L.A. VanGogh

community is important. family and friends first. protect your circle. protect your energies. create/build with those you trust. #friendsfirst L.A. VanGogh - @lavangogh femdot. - @femdotcom Sean Deaux - @deauxva Ishmael Raps - @ishmaelraps n o s i d a m . - @NosTheArtist Producers: Flex Lennon - @flexlennon Chinza//Fly - @chinzafly (@roblyrical + @stevesince90) Mixed by: L.A. VanGogh Joe Rico - @joericomix (Heads or Tails) Mastered by: Jason Valcarcel - @fayzeGL Art by: Kroc - @5KDseries

  • Producer: Flex Lennon
  • Release Date: