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Larockpapii Do the Do (Soundgasm cover)



Do the Do the Do Katrina with her sexy behind She wanna be a lover but I gat nothing in mind Harissa With Da pepper and spice Crawling like a soldier that need somewhere to hide Tryna be observant I wasn’t jonzing All the stunts that you play me I Dey notice move your body to me closely Shawty put it on me I want it slowly She want more of my sugarcane Bad gurl riri Dey enjoy the pain o She don’t want me to ejaculate She just needed a bad man that will make her cum all night That’s why She’s so diligent When we Dey s*x And when I grab her throat she will call me best door to the stairs Room to the bed And amma jack jack you until you start to dey beg me

  • Producer: Signalplug
  • Album: Do the Do
  • Release Date: