Various Artists The Str TV 3 Mixtape (Deluxe Edition)


THE STR TV 3 MIXTAPE (DELUXE EDITION) The Hempire Media in conjunction with Beneath the surface and Sky Klinic Studios is back with another anticipated mixtape release following the previous 2 tape compilations from the camp in the past years from the RAPtivist “L7”."Vast Aire" features with his 2017 single "Dark Metropolis",Justice, taken of Power Of Thought's 2018 EP "The Boom Bap Bandit"Amandla features from RSSA from SHynin Armour and The MAgnificent Sirven from L7Madibuseng Features From "The Heritage Tape"" from Joint PusherTo Read more...
  • Producer: P. Mogotsi
  • Runtime: 73 minutes, 21 songs
  • Release Date: December 3, 2017