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kvnq Jothan Northern Lights


kvnq Jothan

Afro music is by design kaleidoscopic and kvnq jothan 4th single takes full advantage of its fluidity. “In nigeria the south is celebrated for their massive contribution to the evolution of afrobeat and as the powerhouse of entertainment industry. Northern lights shows the world that there is entertainment in the north too and we also have a sound And that sound is Afro beat “ kvnq jothan tells Audiomack. Unlike the usual vibe that comes from a kvnq jothan’s song, northern lights has a sit back and relax feel and at the same time has a get loose and dance vibe. It’s a whole different vibe and it definitely will get you tapping that repeat button😉

  • Producer: Skidx
  • Album: Beauty and the kvnq
  • Release Date: