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Kushim Best Life



Song Written By KUSHIM Prod. By KUSHIM Mixed & Mastered By KUSHIM Lyrics: They could never stop me on my worst day Know they gonna love you on your best day I'v been tryna learn to love 'em in the best way Gotta love you 'fore you love 'em in the best way Everybody only wanna show their best side Don't wanna be rejected, or be less liked, hu I'm just tryna lead the best life And homie, I'v been growing by a landslide Gotta get it right Hmmmm, gotta get it right Can't let it go with a mask on They hurting with a mask on, grinning now On, grinning now We all are called to the best life Feel worlds apart, but we get right

  • Producer: KUSHIM
  • Album: Best Life
  • Release Date: