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Kriss Espoir Versions Of You

Kriss Espoir

'VERSIONS OF YOU' is an album composed of Abstract stories. I am “satisfied” with your “pretty lies” My “addiction” is to “get you sweating” Shish “Ninja sex” wasn’t meant to be the “space love” I “belong” to you even tho I'm “broke with you” I love you “desperately” to the point I encounter “depression” “KAKANA NTACYO Gatwaye” but is it “love or lust”? My versions are so “clear” just like “Butterflies”, so “Love, love” Don’t be angry because I’m the “jealousy type”. Worries drop and “still get back to you”, the question is, “wouldn’t you be scared” Big THANKS to my collaborators, @gettskent, @kennykshot, @mazo, @jannie, @nikitaheaven, @ritathecyper, @dawidi, @zuba, @shanicebayingana and @oktaydraws

  • Runtime: 69 minutes, 20 songs
  • Release Date: