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Ug Dias Feel Good Music [Main]


Konsequence Muzik Group is excited to announce new music by UG Dias and its release of the groovy track called "Feel Good Music" which is available today, May 7. The producer and artiste are discussing a video to be done soon and will be released at a later date for the single. "Feel Good Music" is distributed by Tuff Gong International and available on all digital platforms worldwide. UG Dias is an upcoming artiste from Konsequence Muzik Group who believes in the single and has a good feelings about the single produced by Tristmar Peart of Konsequence Muzik. "Feel Good Music" is a smooth R&B and hip-hop riddim that makes you want to groove as, what the artiste would say about the song, "you cruise down the highway." His song is one of motivation as he speaks to inspire across the g

  • Producer: Konsequence Muzik / Konsequence Studioja
  • Album: Feel Good Music
  • Release Date:


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