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Kizz Ernie Pressure

Kizz Ernie

Afro-wave, the new sound, the struggles of daily life, the hustle of the industry. Kizz Ernie’s debut project is a compilation of work seeking to highlight the constant influx of expectations, responsibilities, and disappointment in the life of a budding artist. From the nearly unending stress of life in academia, flirtations with relationships and love, to the thankless hours spent perfecting your trade, the 6-track extended play delves into the behind-the-scenes reality of what it means not only to be an artist in Nigeria, but to be a person, trying to prove your worth whilealso making steady achievements along the way. All in all, at day’s end, PRESSURE still turns the hardest objects into diamonds.

  • Runtime: 21 minutes, 6 songs
  • Release Date: