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Kixxes Calling (Tribute 2 Rapsonjil)



I've lost a lot of people, from family to friends and a whole lot more but none of these deaths has ever gotten to me like that of Rapsonjil. Its just crazy how you get to meet someone whom you so much connect with and then the next thing you hear they dead. Funny how I and Jil had only known each other for less than three months but this shit hurts like I've known him forever. Still can't forget the many times we outside in the middle of the night when people sleeping and we talk about our visions, dreams, and making good music. Still find all of this hard to believe, wish I got a chance to say goodbye or one last real conversation with you bro. With a heavy heart, I say Rest in paradise, I love you forever bro.

  • Producer: Qestn & Mixbyjameel
  • Release Date:


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