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STREET KING is my debut ALBUM under my record label B.D.A.GANG MUSIC..All songs tell the story of street hustler.It feels weird to call this a great record--it's so slight. But it's perfect and full of pleasure; it does what it sets out to do almost without a bad second .Each of the 7 tunes ends before you wish it would). And what does it set out to do? To convey the troubled innocence of the street Boys through a time of attractive but perilous psychedelic LYRICS. lyrics method may be whimsy, candor, and carefully modulated amateurishness, reason why all songs are carefully written and thus comes through as a hustlers Anthem... -Album features Mboko prince, Makizar, and Chindo -All songs written by Kitz for B.D.A GANG MUSIC

  • Runtime: 26 minutes, 7 songs
  • Release Date: