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HOPE SUNDAYS EXCLUSIVE- The hook is dead mean tell no tales .. The story is this; Society uses us, never tells us we have power and will gladly send us to our graves if it means good for business. This week’s exclusive content is another song by King Hoodie Prod. by @Neribeats This song in it’s descriptive lyricism, dives deeply into the inner workings of the mind of someone who see’s the world the way the materialistic side of society has viewed it. Do we really matter? Does this country truly have our best interest at heart? And where does one individual in the multitude of faces and different places fit into it? I guess the only way to stand out is with your.. Energy Buy this exclusive piece of content today and be on the look out for new NFT releases coming soon! Now you will

  • Producer: Joshua Neri
  • Album: The Kid Is Un-Finished
  • Release Date: