The Blog Era: A playlist

  • Runtime: 374 minutes, 106 tracks
  • Playlist Creator: Kim Chanel
  • Last updated: September 8, 2018

Kim Chanel

There’s nothing like the blog era. Current chart-topping acts, the upper echelon of hip-hop, all got their start as blog darlings in the early 2010s. This was a movement the whole of the culture lived through together, so the nostalgia is thick. To tap into those memories, sans DJ tags and Datpiff downloads, Audiomack has put together a specially curated playlist of the best songs from the blog era.Clocking in at over 100 tracks, this playlist brings you the very best of Drake’s early days, along with acts like A$AP Rocky, Wiz Khalifa, Kendrick’s best Lil Wayne impression, Mac Miller, and more. The playlist is a hip-hop time capsule that reminds us every artist had to start somewhere, and that growth as an artist—in all directions—is both welcome and inevitable. Go ahead and press play and relive your middle school and high school blog era memories.
  • Runtime: 374 minutes, 106 tracks
  • Updated on: September 8, 2018