Kidd Jen Herbs And Milk-Crates Vol. 3

This is the final chapter of the series I hope you enjoy it.. Ive spent many nights falling a sleep in front of the computer. Ive spent many nights finding samples i feel people wont have and plus some folks already knew... Oh yeah this is only part 1 so yes it will be a 3.5.... #WangzAnyOne #TsG #StillLiveAtFive #LiveAtFive ... If your wondering why it say produced by The New JAcks to answer your question Im one half of the group the other half is my Homie Isau Redd... so if you ever see the name I have something to do with it....
  • Producer: Kiddo Jenkins/ The New JAcks
  • Runtime: 46 minutes, 15 songs
  • Release Date: September 22, 2016