Songbird Episodes Of a Songbird

  • Feat. Episode


"EoaS" EP is a collaborative effort between singer&songwriter :kgomotso "Songbird" Kolokoto and Producer and hip-hop artist :Tshepo "Episode" Mashigo.Full legnth project coming out Dec 2016 "Recording this project has weirdly enough been the most challenging as it has been both effortless and most rewarding.Written between march&may/june2016,Recorded in a space of 4studio sessions,with odds and everyday life happening,a space of over 125km between considered and constant budget stretching... it is no shock to both episode and myself that almost half of the digital release ended up being recorded,with some written and arranged all in a the heart of June,sometime between the midnight to the wee hours of the same morning" ...READ MORE @

  • Producer: Episode
  • Runtime: 25 minutes, 7 songs
  • Release Date: October 19, 2016