2NE1 Crush


'Crush' is the second and final Korean studio album by South Korean girl group 2NE1. It is the group's first album release since 2011's '2nd Mini Album' and second full-length album following 2010's 'To Anyone.' Production of the album was handled mainly by Teddy with contributions from Choice 37, Dee.P, Masta Wu, Choi Pil Kang and Peejay as well as the group's leader, CL. Lyrics were written mainly by Teddy Park and CL, with contributions from Big Bang's G-Dragon and Choi Pil Kang. The album is classified as pop, but features elements of other genres, such as R&B, dance, hip hop, reggae and electronic music. Crush was named the sixth best pop album of 2014 by Rolling Stone, and one of the best 40 pop albums of 2014 by Fuse. The album also ranked at number 11 on Billboard's year-end list.
  • Producer: YG Entertainment
  • Runtime: 7 minutes, 2 songs
  • Release Date: November 17, 2017