DJ Keytronikz DJ Keytronikz Invented The Remixes: The R&B Edition

Originally, I was going to put these tracks with The Remixes: Trilogy, but I decided to make a full R&B remix album. It took eight months to complete this project. All tracks are mostly up-tempo, but however, there's one track that has a slow jam. Track 9 and 12 are additional produced by Kenny "Smoovy" Spiano, my live instrumentation R&B producing alter-ego. Here's what ironic, on my Remixes: Trilogy albums, it starts off with a song by an North Carolina artist and closes it with a New York song. But, on this one, it starts off by an New York artist (well, techincally, she was born in NY, then she was raised in Detroit) and closes it with a song by an North Carolina artist. Track number 9 and 12 were very experimental for me, because I add keys, strings and all the other stuff to the joints. The artwork of the album is a homage to P. Diddy's 2002 remix album, "We Invented The Remix". Enjoy the music and relax for a while. - ❤️, ✌🏾, & ✊🏾, DJ Keytronikz

  • Producer: DJ Keytronikz
  • Runtime: 64 minutes, 16 songs
  • Release Date: July 5, 2019

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