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Kevlexicon Klanhattan KlanVillage Mixtape

Kevlexicon Klanhattan KlanVillage Mixtape why are we all broke? Maskini everywhere. At a time when income inequality is at its highest in the USA since the 1960s, police are tear gasing schoolchildren in Kenya, and economic elite accountability is unheard of, had to do this mixtape. This thoughts you can’t say while having a job, okay, I’ll be that guy. Seein the impact of Mau Mau Kambi & Ukoo Flani in Nairobi & Mombasa in 2011-2012 made clearer the stakes of the economic violence I was already familiar with, growing up in the village. That violence complacent middle classes can afford to ignore, and global business elites maintain for their own exclusive benefit.

  • Producer: Mohjay, Pope Quiet Tha Loudmouth, Block & Producer Kt (MKP)
  • Runtime: 50 minutes, 22 songs
  • Release Date: