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Carolina Dirty New Girl In Town

Carolina Dirty reenters the game with the help of the Dynamic Duo, Spectac & Amiri (HiPNOTT Records). Carolina Dirty brings a raw edge to the music with rhymes that go straight for the juggular. The EP titled New Girl In Town is just a sample of the full-length (titled STILLATIT/ Still At It) being positioned for release later this year. If this EP is any testament to what's in store, the wait will definitely be worth it! Songs like "Good Neighbor" (produced by Amiri and featuring her brother Spectac) and "22:16" (produced by TrOy) will have any head looking over the horizon for what's next to come from this phonomenal emcee. Get ready Hip Hop world... there really is a New Girl in Town!

  • Producer: Amiri & TrOy
  • Runtime: 19 minutes, 6 songs
  • Release Date: