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Kelvin Kay Journey of Growth (Mixtape)

Kelvin Kay

Welcome to my journey, my team and i decided to put out this mixtape to let you in on my growth this far as an artist and songwriter. I started recording music some 2 years ago and within this period i've grown immensely as an artist and songwriter. This is very evident listening to my earlier recorded songs and it all keeps getting better record by record and i'd like to share this journey of growth with you. I feel inspired and i know sharing my journey with you will inspire you to keep pushing hard in working, honing and chasing your dreams and passion every chance you get. So for this i'm giving you 5 songs which will start with some of my earlier recordings ending with my most recent official release. Thank you for taking out some time to go on this walk with me. Love, Kelvin Kay

  • Runtime: 14 minutes, 5 songs
  • Release Date: