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Tanzanian R&B king premieres his new hit single from his upcoming new Album which is untitled yet. “MAPEPE”., The track produced by Tanzanian’s best producer S2Kizzy and it is the famous Tanzanian R&B king 2nd project for 2021. The R&B song is a bounce track which is composed with a taste and sound from Salsa and Caribbean Flavor infused together. The sound is very catchy and dance able, It explains a beautiful girl who shows uncertainty of her love from her partner and the lyrics prove that it was a man’s dream to be his partner so the lady should stop her habit of uncertainty.She ought to relax enjoy being loved and reduce here fears and doubt.The video shows alot of style in it plus scenarios from late years of 1980’s mixed with some modern taste of fashion.

  • Album: King of Hearts
  • Release Date: