Ifunanya Success Ifunanya Success - Jehovah You Are The Lord

  • Album: Shaback Media Promotions 2020

JEHOVAH YOU ARE THE LORD, Was produced at the Mountain Top Studios. It’s a Song which declare the Supremacy and Awesomeness of God. The Lord has been so good to me. At this time in our lives we need to adore God and you’ll see him move into action.  Ever-revolving, the gospel music of Ifunanya Success also peppers in several compositions from gratitude to God, to pure adulations of his sovereignty and spiced with testimony generating prophetic declarations.Over the past decade, Ifunanya Success has performed in worship at many churches, revival programs, crusades and Christian youth events, amongst others. She has been invited back for worship sessions at seasonal and serialized events at most of these churches and crusades.  Ifunanya Success is a member of the praise Association of Mounta

  • Producer: Mountain Top Studios
  • Album: Shaback Media Promotions 2020
  • Release Date: June 1, 2020