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Rawcotiks Hardcore Hip-Hop (Street Mix) (1996)

  • Album: Hardcore Hip-Hop(CDS)


Hailing from Washington Heights, NYC- Jeff Valentino and Butta Lee aka Rawcotiks were first heard on Al Tariq's God Connections album in '96 on the dope cut "No Question" after that they released their debut 12" Hardcore Hip Hop" which featured a decent remix from DJ Premier but I personally preferred the original version produced by ES aka Eddie Sancho and used to play it out a lot as well as on radio. Rawcotiks featured in The Source's Unsigned Hype section in '97 and had a handful of other 12"s on various labels including the mad lovely B-Side "Magic Chef" (produced by and featuring JuJu) on the "Live My Life" 12". They appeared on a Beatnuts remix EP and a couple of DJ Honda albums but never released a full length album and have not been heard from since the early 00's.

  • Producer: ES
  • Album: Hardcore Hip-Hop(CDS)
  • Release Date: