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Jetdarc Astral Aurora (OST Concept)


[Chiptune] HUGE SHOUTOUT TO FOR MAKING THE COVER!! - I envision this to be a adventure game with a combat system similar to Kirby Super Star. | You are a being of unknown origin, drifting along in outer space, from world to world, star to star, but you then discover a sort of dreamlike area. You head towards it out of curiosity. You are now exploring the edge of the astral plne. Here, there are both properties of space and the astral plane, which is why things would seem abnormal. Unfortunately, the beings there do not take kindly to your presence, and tend to attack outsiders. Your goal can be to escape, or to explore and discover amazing thing

  • Producer: Jetdarc
  • Runtime: 30 minutes, 9 songs
  • Release Date:

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