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The Average Guy Podcast Erin Lawrence with Hand on Pixel 6 Pro Review and Echo Show 15 Preview - HGG514


Full show notes, transcriptions (available on request), audio and video at Erin Lawrence from Tech Gadgets Canada joins us this week as we do a long look at the new Pixel 6 Pro from Google. The good, the bad, and even the ugly and how she likes it so far. Will it replace her daily driver iPhone? We also spend some time talking about the new Echo Show 15 and comparing it to the Echo Show 10 that we covered the last time she was on the show. The price point for both is a little surprising. In the end, we look at the Amazon Echo Buds and see if they really can replace the name-brand earbuds from Apple or Google. All that and more. Thanks for listening. Join Jim Collison / @jcollison and Mike Wieger / @WiegerTech for show #514

  • Producer: Jim Collison
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