DJ JaySmokeSaucy Vol 1

feat. Cortes, Jordan May, Big Breeze, Eris & Evan, Sal ly, Xay Hill, Wande, Elijah Jaron, Kevia Dorsey & Mike Teezy

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DJ JaySmoke



After the successful release of his smashing compilation, Holy Jam Session 2019, Ghana's top Urban Gospel DJ, DJ JaySmoke, drops his first project for the year 2020. It's definitely been a long time coming but first and foremost, I wanna thank every single soul who downloaded my previous mix, Holy Jam Session 2010. Watchout for HJS 2020. In the meantime, let's get saucy...says JaySmoke. Saucy Vol 1 delves into a new form of music that is gradually creeping into the Urban Gospel Music industry. 'Saucy-Hiphop', for lack of a better word, is a new kind of hip-hop style whereby the artist adds melody to their rap. This produces a unique style of rap and is quickly being adopted especially by new school emcees. Saucy Vol 1 features an array of such artists performing this very unique sound to

  • Total Plays: 265
  • Album: InDaMix
  • Producer: Various Artist
  • Release Date: October 9, 2020
  • Genre: DJ Mix