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Heart Brk. Jay♥️ Shawty From The Eastside♥️


Still coming with a very different flavor! Heart Brk. Jay♥️ is BACK! with a mega DOPE sound on Shawty From The Eastside♥️ a NICE melody based homage to Atlanta Culture! PRESS PLAY and Enjoy! .. To my constant streams, from the heart frfr, I LOVE YALL! To the beat makers that take mega losses putting together these magical tunes for basically free, I LOVE Y'ALL! To the fellow artists that take even a SECOND to open up a project, I LOVE Y'ALL! I'm not those other guys! I do this shit for the LOVE! not the FAME! For the FUN OF THE GAME! not the NAME! To ALL the fellow artist, let's keep grinding! Cause to someone, you EVERYTHING 🤞🏽♥️🙏‼ .. Heart Brk. Jay♥️

  • Producer: Heart Brk. Jay♥️
  • Release Date: