Jarred AllStar JESUS SAVES

  • Album: ADOT
Born and raised in the hoodLook at all that gave to the hoodWhy they wanna put my grave in the hoodTrayvon but the shot missed saved in the hood (ahhh)You cant speak on what you don’t knowYou don’t know bout where you don’t goNever been through the rain then don’t growIf you aint got a light then you won’t blowAnd that’s facts (facts) I’m the same wherever I’m atI’m Jarred in them streets and I’m Jarred when I rapI’m Jarred in that church I’m Jarred on this trackI put Jarred in the front but AllStar got my backI was born to shine no questionPut God in rhymes and got more blessingsNo Jesus walks but Jesus walksI can swear to God I hear Jesus talkIt’s the sweetest sound that I’ve ever heardI won’t forever fail but I’ll forever learnI don’t want to burn I just want to fly
  • Album: ADOT
  • Release Date: October 15, 2013