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Jade Monet Awake & Dreaming

Jade Monet

The 7-track debut EP from Canadian R&B singer Jade Monet is a cohesive mix of summertime records inspired by a series of realizations that changed the direction of her life over the last year. The overarching theme is that of Jade discovering who she really is - her core principles and the lasting impression she wants to leave on her fans - and in the process cutting off toxic relationships that don’t align with these values. The title, Awake & Dreaming, alludes to Jade “awakening” and removing the blocks necessary to live life to the fullest in pursuit of her dreams. The cover art, done in tandem by photog Liz Rosa and lettering specialist Duong Type (Kendrick, ASAP Rocky, etc.), depicts Jade emerging from the ocean, clean of all negative energy, ready to start fresh in her new direction. The three singles released ahead of the EP - “Pineapple”, “A Type” and “Erase Time” - have collectively received over 45,000 streams on Spotify, with the latter 2 also being featured in Apple Music’s “Best of the Week” and “Breaking R&B” official playlists. Other stand out tracks include the harder hitting “Tell Me” and the groovy outro “Lost in the Waves”.

  • Producer: i.r.evan, Taylor Graves, Jasper Shreds & Massiah
  • Runtime: 19 minutes, 7 songs
  • Release Date:

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