MyNeim Mhoswa

  • Album: Mhoswa - Single

Myneim is one rapper who is always blunt and honest when it comes to analyzing conspiracies. Be it music, beef or rumors. If you want to engage into an intellectual argument or discussion that might help you in the future, this is one person you want to talk to. Recently, Facebook was on flames about the conspiracy behind the Best Album Award. A few conspiracies came up as people were trying to justify whether Jungle Loco's Bata MaStreets (TFBL) deserved the award at all. Myneim took some time to share his sentiments towards the conspiracies. Many couldn't handle the arguments and ended up feeling uncomfy and you know, the moment you feel uncomfy is the very moment you lose the argument.

  • Producer: Michael Mupotaringa & Pendo46
  • Album: Mhoswa - Single
  • Release Date: December 31, 2020