LoueyIV, J Avery & Phanom Clear It Up

  • Feat. ISO


Well, here's a dope beat to step to. Cali-based rap collective LoueyIV, J. Avery and Phanom arrive to set the record straight in their new visual "Clear It Up." Before merging their lyrical talents as a trio, each MC kicked up dust with their own solo efforts. J. Avery broke through with his first mixtape ISOLATED, which racked up over 15,000 downloads (listen to it here). Phanom is next up with his mixtape The Process dropping Feb. 18 while Louey IV's LIV is slated to hit the 'Net Spring 2014. Honorable mention to Manni Phantom (only 18 years old), who occupied the producer's chair for the haunting yet bouncy beat. Roll through SoCal in the Keoni Mars-directed visual with Team ISO above. Via Vibe.com Adelle Platon
  • Producer: Mansa
  • Release Date: March 12, 2014