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Ish Williams LIFE$AVER

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Ish Williams

Ish Williams manifests a brighter future on his brand new single, "LIFE$AVER". The record, produced by Army Zenn & Kenif Muse, resembles a vintage arcade sound and begins with a short pep talk from Dragon Ball Z's Goku. While, Ish dedicates majority of his time and efforts to “saving” others who are suffering from depression. Ish also suffers from depression and has his own demons to battle. Throughout the record, Ish realizes the only person that can save him is himself, so he digs deep to find the strength to make it through another day and the hope for a better tomorrow. "..Make them regret today/ Yea, I was mad and low-key sad/ but that was yesterday/ See I was going through it/ see, everybody go through it/ but today is a new day", Williams raps over the vibrant keys and dark bass.

  • Producer: Army Zenn & Kenif Muse
  • Album: I'll Be Okay
  • Release Date: