Ammy Chiba X Miss Geez X Siana Nipe Changu (Tanzania's Feminist Anthem)


Young And Alive Initiative has teamed up with THREE strong feminist artists from Tanzania to create this fierce and feminist Afro-pop jam “Nipe Changu” that will not only leave you grooving, but also remind everyone within our society of the importance of gender equality and doing justice for our women by securing their fundamental rights. “Nipe Changu” (Swahili for ‘give me what’s mine’) is a story of three women married by one man in a traditional Swahili polygamy marriage. All three women work around the clock to provide for their families, while a man just-drinks and takes money from them. The song is a Tanzanian Feminist Anthem that gives women the power to demand their rights.

  • Producer: Gachi B
  • Release Date: November 11, 2020


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